Terms and conditions of use

Purchasing rules

To order and purchase goods in the catalog, you must be registered on our website, you can register from the following link: Create new account.
Purchase at this e-shop is only allowed for adults. Any order made by minors will not be accepted, unless in direct contact with a child's guardian. Sales are excluded for the city of Foggia and the Province itself, for such eventualities contact us before the order.
Membership in the site leads to the customer's acceptance of all the policies listed there.

How to place orders

To place orders, simply put the products you are interested in in the cart; after the item entry operation is completed, simply continue from the Cart with the "Buy" button to confirm the operation. On the following pages enter the shipping address (if different from the registration address), select the preferred payment type and go ahead. On the last page, you can print an order receipt, however you will receive an email with the summary of the order placed. Upon receipt or verification of payment, you will receive an email updating the order, which will be passed in "Processing phase"; means that we have given our warehouse the right to prepare the goods for shipment. Once the goods have departed, you will receive an additional email, with the order marked as "Sent". The latter, will contain the shipping code of the goods, which will allow you to monitor its status on the site of the express courier Gls.

The items present online are all available at our warehouse, except where the word "incoming" is displayed, these are products normally present at our headquarters, but momentarily sold out. Orders for this type of product lengthens the shipping and receipt times of the goods according to factors that are not always computable. So if you are interested in such products, contact us before making the purchase, to have a prediction on the delivery date.


The prices posted on our website are all I.V.A. included.
The only ancillary costs are those of shipping, which will be calculated directly in the shopping cart, and any insurance on the transport, to be agreed before making the payment of the goods.

Prices and offers published, are to be considered valid only for online sales.


The choice of the methodology of payment of orders will take place at the time of purchase, through the following methods present within our cart:


PayPal allows anyone with an email address to send and receive payments online easily, quickly, and securely. By creating a PayPal account, enter your credit card or prepaid card once and you trust your online purchases without having to retype it in each transaction. Important is that all credit card information and prepaid cards are managed exclusively by PayPal for the checks necessary to authorize online payment, so our company - Positive Studio - will not have access to the card details, but will only handle the buyer's data necessary to send orders: therefore first name, last name, phone and address. PayPal protects all your data absolutely securely, encrypting it with VeriSign Identity Protection technology with 128-bit SSL3 protocol, and monitoring transactions 24/7, and sending to your email address any movement made to your PayPal account. Orders placed with this payment method are handled within 24/48 hours.

Credit cards

Through PayPal protected circuit, it does not require registration to the PayPal circuit, the entry of your credit card data will only be temporary for the payment of the purchase in place.

Bank transfer

One of the classic payment methods for online purchases, now also convenient for all those who manage directly online their bank accounts. Our bank details, which are required to make the payment, will be provided to you at the end of the purchase process in the order summary email. Orders placed with this payment method are handled on receipt of payment, and then from 3 to 8 business days from the date the transfer was made.

If you have any other modes that are not listed above, please contact us before each purchase.

The customer has a maximum time of seven days to make the payment after the order, the non-compliance of these terms will lead to the cancellation of the order itself.

The customer must send a copy of the payment receipt by email (info@buranalab.com).

Shipments take place, by express courier GLS, in the maximum time of five days from the date of receipt of the payment. Please refer to the Shipping page for more information.

Right of withdrawal

Disclosure under D.Lgs. n.185/99 and subsequent variations.
Purchases made on our website, like all remote purchases by telephone or correspondence, as they take place outside of commercial premises, are protected by D.Lgs No.185 of 22 May 1999, which provides for the possibility of the consumer exercising the right of withdrawal. The consumer may exercise the right of withdrawal within a 14-day period of the receipt of the goods. This right is the right to return the purchased property to the supplier without any penalty and without specifying the reason, and the consequent refund of the purchase price.


The right of withdrawal applies to individuals acting for purposes not related to their professional activity. Purchases made by retailers and companies are therefore excluded from the right of withdrawal. The right to withdraw also does not apply to the following product categories:

(a) audiovisual or sealed computer software media opened by the consumer.
b) newspapers, periodicals, magazines and prints of any kind.
c) custom-made or custom-made goods.
d) products and accessories that may come to contact with intimate parts or bodily fluids (salt, mouth and/or the like).
(e) products whose original packaging has been lost, tampered with, or damaged.
(f) products on special offer.
(g) perishable or easily deteriorated products.

How to exercise the right of withdrawal:
The right of withdrawal is exercised by sending, within the 10 working days of receipt of the goods, a written notice by letter recommended with notice of receipt addressed to:

Positive Studio
Course roma 179
71121 - Foggia

The communication must be sent, within the same time to the info@buranalab.com, provided that it is confirmed by a recommended letter with a notice of receipt within the next 48 hours. This communication must contain the codes, brand, model of the products you intend to return, as well as information on how to refund the expense incurred (Transfer or Paypal) and any bank details. The products subject to rethinking must be returned by the consumer, in conditions of substantial integrity, with the original packaging and accessories supplied, to the same address used for the recommended by attaching the tax receipt or purchase invoice received with the goods.
Once the goods have been received and verified the integrity we will take, in a period of time that can vary from 15 to 30 days, to credit the customer with the cost of the returned products, withholding the amount of shipping and sending/receiving payment costs that will always remain at the customer's expense. For payments made with PayPal, you will be reimbursed only through the same PayPal, other reimbursement methods will not be accepted. This is to protect customers to the maximum and avoid disputes through the same company as PayPal.

Miscellaneous information and contacts.
For any other information or questions, you can use the form on the page: Contact Us

For each dispute, the competent forum is Foggia's.